(April 15th 2018, fuorisalone.it) 27 technological startups from Tus Star, the largest incubator in the world with over 5,000 companies, create a futuristic exhibition of robots, virtual reality, artificial intelligences and new technologies capable of revolutionizing different moments of everyday life.

The Chinese Tus Star, part of the Tsinghua University system, has recently signed an agreement with PoliHub of Politecnico di Milano, which becomes the European hub, in Bovisa, of Chinese innovation. Among the novelties on display, also: smart drones able to move easily in cramped or complex environments with automatic guidance; wireless robot for underwater exploration and enhanced vision robots; “intelligent” products that allow parents to monitor young children, communicating in wi-fi with a light that changes color in case of emergencies; bicycles with smart drive system; a thin and transparent device that transforms the touchpad of a laptop into a numeric keypad; non-invasive systems to cultivate the walls of the house with remote control via the app; software to customize the car in virtual and augmented reality; clothes able to maintain body temperature.