lt is time to rethink the car: the start-up BYTON creates fully electric and perfectly connected cars with high qual­ity materials and new design icons. Thus providing what all of us need in times of spending hours of being stuck in traffic: a driving living room.
Enjoy entertainment and boost your productivity. Connect with your friends and family. Make plans for your work and spare time. Simply cherish each and every moment in your private piace of retreat. lt is all about the most important value of life: time. lt is time to connect. lt is time to be.
Get inspired by a car manufacturer which is not talking about refining cars but about refining I ife. Visit the BYTON “Time to be” exhibition in the Casa d’ Aste BLINDARTE, Via Palermo 11.


Beijing Tsinova Technology Co., Ltd.

Tsinova is a technology company committed to creating all-new forms of mobility and making life in big cities more livable. TSINOVA Smart Pedelec, designed from scratch and empowered by TSINOVA’s independently developed technologies, is equipped with the world-leading VeloUP! smart drive system capable of providing auxiliary power based on intelligent observation of road conditions and judgment of rider intentions. Combining powerful functionality and stunning aesthetics, it makes urban mobility more efficient, convenient and stylish.


Nature & Future (Beijing) Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Nature & Future is a technologically-innovative enterprise dedicated to indoor and outdoor integrated greening.

Applying new high-polymer material and IOT technology, the Company is devoted to explore all the possibilities of creating green living environments. Our exclusive plant health detection technology and unique product forms based on organic-matter planting facilitate developing an environment full of plants, for which only by a mobile phone can long-distance management and maintenance be realized.The living environment in the future will be more environment-friendly and nature-loving. Nature & Future is committed to become an explorer and leader in creating green living environments for mankind.


Wuxi Hisky Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

HISKY MED has focused its efforts on the research, development and promotion of high-end medical technologies.

It has reached international advanced level in the field of transient elastography imaging technology and industry. The core product “FibroTouch” has already received CFDA and CE certification, and serves patients with liver diseases around the world.


TusVision lnformation Technology Co.,Ltd.

TusVision Information Technology is a leader of machine vision and intelligent IOT, with its R&D centers located in Cambridge, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhu. Its core members are from world famous communication companies graduated from University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and University of Science and Technology of China. The team also consists of Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) from Bell Labs, Research Scientist from Google Deepmind, and the 1ST Class Prize Winners of the National Science and Technology Progress Program of China.

The company enjoys its highly competitive intelligent IOT technologies and experienced team in industry with its product including machine vision and intelligent IOT at hardware/software system level.

Boya Gongdao (Beijing) Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Robosea, established in September 2015, is a National Hi-tech Enterprise with state-of-the-art technologies facus­ing on R&D, producing and marketing.
Based on ten years of scientific research at Peking University, Robosea has built underwater robots with different features and can be used far various application scenarios. Six products from faur different series have been built so far, and all of them have obtained independent intellectual-property rights. Besides, Robosea has established business relationships with dozens of users from military department, government, enterprises and public institutions. As far the accomplishment on consumer electron ics, the bionic inspired robofish has also done a greatjob in overseas markets that has attracted a host of users from North America, EU, Middle East, East Asia, etc.
BIKI V1 .O is world’s first wireless consumer-grade robot that is capable of underwater photography. Atjust 1200g, BIKI V1 .O is small, light, easy to carry around. By using the bionic design, not only does BIKI look very cute, it’s also safe to use. lt’s capable of capturing 16 megapixels images and 4K HD video. BIKI V1 .O can dive down some 60m. With a powerful battery it’s capable of lasting far up to 120mins. BIKI can either operated by the companion App or by the underwater acoustic remote contrai, which are easy far operation. With the originai underwater acoustic communica­tion technology, the difficulty in controlling the underwater robot is ironed out. BIKI V1 .O also packs in tech you may not expect to find in an underwater robot, including infrared obstacle avoidance and GPS return-to-base features. With it, people can have a brand new underwater experience.


Chengdu Fanmi Technology Co., Ltd.

Fanmi Tech is an innovative technology company focused on research and development of intelligent maternal and baby products. The company has 6 years of experience in the development of professional medical products. Use state-of-the-art technology to create safe and reliable baby health products. ”Fanmi” is short for family, on the one hand means that Fanmi will work for a better family, on the other hand means that the organi-zational atmosphere of the enterprise like a united family. Our corporation perspective is to provide the best care for your baby and family.

Fanmi use the spirit of the Geek to make the product and hope that every family can use our products.


KWCW (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

KWCW is the first Oriental Aesthetic brand in China, focusing on innovative application of China traditional arts and crafts materials, such as carved lacquer, embroidery, bamboo weaving, ceramics etc. With the power of design, we innovatively combine these traditional materials with consumer products, through the upgrading of technology, process and equipment, so as to realize the protection of intangible cultural heritage and traditional consumer product upgrades. We look forward to bring more beautiful products with ‘Chinese Spirit’ to more common people.


Beijing Luckey Technology Co., Ltd.

Luckey has the world’s original and leading Tactile algorithm technology with unique hardware products to connect the people and the world. After 7 years of research, Luckey got more than 20 international and domestic Patents. First product of Luckey, the Nums, sells all over the world, and is one of the best selling products on Kickstarter. Nums is regard as with the highest design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in exemplary manner, and won the 2017 Japan G-MARK Design Award and the German Red Dot Award Best of the best. Nums was covered by the Verge, Wired and global media. China Prime Minister Liu Yandong received the team. Luckey has gotten two rounds of investment.


Shanghai Manloulan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Manloulan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd was founded in 1997, specializing in research and design, production and sales of new Chinese style costume. It has its own brand which called “MANLOULAN’. The brand is mainly based on the tractional cheongsam and craftsmanship, integrate draping and use creative expression to interpret Chinese style costume. At present, there are some new collections of research and design, for example, “Traditional classic collection”, ”Daily collection”, ”SWAROVSKI Light Luxury collection” and so on.

Manloulan has more than 50 shops in 17 provinces in China during the past twenty years. The brand “Manloulan” has been awarded the honour of “Shanghai famous brand” and “Shanghai famous trademark” for 6 years. At present, it has established strategie cooperative with many sub-suppliers in the world for 10 years.The company started to bui Id the information technology centre of whole supply chain model in 2017 and covered the key process of enterprise management. lt is always paying attention to the best produci quality, meet customer needs and expecta­tions, and aim to build a famous Chinese fashion brand.


Beijing Pangaea Networking Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Pangaea Networking Technology Co., Ltd. is focused on the R&D, distribution and operation of VR interactive entertainment content. After 3 years of accumulation and development, we have become China’s leading VR content distribution operator. We cooperate with high-quality IP copyright operator and content provider to create innovative interactive entertainment content, and cooperate with top equipment manufacturers to provide cost-effective VR interactive entertainment solutions. Through the online application store, store the line, large theme park and other channels, we bring new digital entertainment experience for users. We focus on VR virtual reality with various somatosensory, interactive and immersive technologies, and constantly explore future forms of entertainment, we hope to creating unprecedented interactive entertainment experience for people.


YiMei Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

YiMei Capital Partners Co., Ltd, focuses on strategic investments in the fashion tech, health and beauty sectors. YiMei’s vision is to establish an integrated global footprint of multi-channel marketing, design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Through its U.S. and U.K. subsidiaries, Omnius Holdings Inc, YiMei has merged famous beauty device brand Baby Quasar and has acquired exclusive Asia-Pacific distribution rights for the U.S. health and beauty device brands Light-Stim and HairMax. YiMei‘s distribution company, QiCommerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, has successfully integrated both on-line and off-line channels creating an efficient infrastructure for sales and distribution of products throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. YiMei has implemented both Taiwanese and Japanese advanced manufacturing processes. Through tightly integrating these advanced technology processes with Asia’s lean production skills, YiMei creates competitive products that meet consumers’ quality demands.


Sumian Innovatives Co., Ltd.

Sumian is a high-tech enterprise which provides pill-taken insomniacs an alternative medical treatment solution.

From independent R&D to production, Sumian provides customized and professional prescription through “sleep monitoring+intervening+

follow-up” with the use of Sumian Monitor and Sumian Instrument which applies “Transcranial magnetic field modulation ”technology in the system. Meanwhile, based on ensuring customer information confidential, Sumian Cloud Medical Centre operates as a research platform for physicians by analysing the big data to constantly contribute to the development in the sleep medical field.


Tus-Healthcare (Jiaxing) Biotech Co., Ltd.

The company launched Cormagic series of precision skin care products, revolutionarily combining advanced genetic testing technology, stem cell technology and skin care solutions together. This product reflects the concept integrating advanced technology and lifestyle, through the unique design of genetic testing kit, and each customers can experience the novel skin care experience through lastest innovative technology at home. Cormagic research team will analyze genetic infomation and related bio-omics data with specialized algorithms, to discover the nature and future trends of each client’s skin problem. Based on this Cormagic provides a precise skin-fit solution with an individually tailored serum formula for a comprehensive restoration in five dimensions including skin smoothness, anti-wrinkle, firmness, whiteness and gloss.

Overall Cordmagic series product reflects design language emphasizing science, environemntal protection and art, paying tribute to attitudes of hi-techonology-based exquisite and healthy lifestyle.

Cherub Mind (BeiJing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Cherub Mind (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd, Pioneer of Psychological Intelligence Technology, is the first National High-tech Enterprise based on the human machine interface and biofeedback, to provide intelligent quantitative data and integrated solutions for body and mind, which the R&D team come from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and military research institutions to promote and develop the international first-class psychological intelligent products, technology and service system to build the leading enterprise of the IOT in the psychological industry.


Avori Technology Co., Ltd.

At Avori technology, we are focused to bring next-gen oral care service to Chinese consumers through mobile and IOT technology. Our company is valued over 100 million and our key investor is Tsinghua University Holding (Chinese state-owned company). Our first product Avori One Smart Toothbrush, had a very successful product launch at JD.com last year with over 12 million RMB revenue. The key differentiator for our product is the mobile app that integrate toothbrush related functions and value added services (such as insurance and personalized dental service). Together with all these services, our mobile app provides an enhanced interactive experience for the user.

In addition, we also have toothpaste, mouth wash and other related oral care products.


Shanghai Yibai Brand Management Co., Led.

Founded in 2011, Shanghai Yibai Brand Management Co., Led. specializes in the design service far emerging consumers born after the 1980s and the 1990s. Over the past years since establishment, Yibai takes product research and development as the core to provide design and consultation to many consumer brands. While pursuing far better quality products, Yibai attaches much significance to the design of originai patterns and the application of multi-category products. The difference between our works and those from other pattern provid­ers is that we can further implement the design concept and explore the underlying cultura! connotation. The company’s main product ‘PATTERN Online Gallery’ is a database of design materials far the management, authorization, downloading and application of exclusive high-definition design materials. We provide intelligent design solutions far the transfarmation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. With the use of data man­agement technology, in addition to the designers’ inspiration, the brand will be able to capture the latest trends with the help of the database and adopt real-time updated high-definition copyright materials to combine fragmented popular elements and “automatically” generate the products that can satisfy consumers’ rapidly changing taste preferences.


AEZM Jiang Men

Stone Wen was born in 1979 in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Province, China. In 2014 he obtained the Doc-toral degree in industrial design from Beijing Institute of Technology. In 2016 he established his own product brand AEZM. In 2016 Diaolou cast iron pot set won the IDEA, which is one of the most prestigious prizes for design. In 2017 AEZM got IDEA prize again by the Samsara cast iron pot and the Palm leaf & wood craft light design. In 2017 AEZM won the Red Dot Design Award by the DustFree Cutter. To find the unique design identity is AEZM goal, AEZM is already on the way.

Beijing Yu Huang Culture Media Co., Ltd.

“Yu-Huang” Chinese-Palace-Embroidery regards the Beijing embroidery, originating from Tang Dynasty about 1500 years ago, as the brand equity. “Yu-Huang” team integrates the traditional Beijing embroidery and ancient Chinese palace culture together with the fashionable design concept to elevate and perfect the character of Beijing embroidery. Further, Beijing embroidery has been applied to the collectibles and haute couture and furnishings.

Now “Yu-Huang” team has cooperated with ten graphic fashion designers and fifty female embroiders.

“Yu-Huang” Chinese-Palace-Embroidery is trying its best to become the cultural card of Beijing and the super embroidered brand of China.

Beijing Yadu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

YADU Technology Group is a comprehensive environmental protection group focusing on the use of science and technology to solve air, water and ecological problems, to enlighten the holding member enterprises. The headquarters is located in Suzhou City.

YADU Technology Group focused on air technology, ecological technology, water science and technology R&D and production, the focus of intelligent healthy life, to “innovation, cooperation, sharing, green for the development of philosophy, is committed to a comprehensive environmental protection group with advanced industrial structure, good operation quality, strong competition ability, to provide a better living environment for health human.


Shenzhen ZAOJAN Technology Co., Ltd.

ZAOJAN Technology, an innovative company, is dedicated to the heating application of new material Graphene.

The company will focus on basic necessities of life (i.e., Apparel, Home Appliances) to build a new concept of hot health and an ecology of cool technology products. Graphene heating products adhere to the development direction of hot + life + health, and transforms cutting-edge technology into a new healthy lifestyle. The purpose is to create a unique technology visual style and user experience.

Beijing Zeegine Technology Co., Ltd.

Zeegine was founded by students from Tsinghua University in 2014, with the missian ta bring 3D printing ta everyane’ s I ife and let 3D printing make I ife better.
We believed in the 3D printing technical route af “Nat protatyping, but praducing” . With continuaus devatian ta 3D printing technalagy develapment and product design, Zeegine massively produced maan lamps by hundreds af self-designed 3D printers and aver 30,000 units af 3D printing maan lamp were sald in 2016. This is the first massively produced hausehald product by 3D printing. In 2018, we designed warld’ s first wireless charging levitating maan lamp Leviluna far the glabal market, which is cansidered the best-seller af 3D printing products in histary. We estimate it will make RMB 100 millian Yuan revenue far the campany in 2 years.


YiChang Soloman Leather Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

We are studing leather, leather product, leather art. We are developing original leather and methods that help to raise the level of leather art.We focus on every detail as cutting/leather finishing, sewing, color adjustment, hand drawing, carving. We stuck to do these processes by handwork. We make sturgeon leather by farmed sturgeon. And we own the independent knowledge property right of this technology.

Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Benewake(Beijing) co., LTD is a sino-foreign joint venture national high-tech enterprise. The company has more than 80 employees in Beijing haidian district. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of solid-state lidar. In 2016, the company received A+ round investment of capital, IDG capital and kovos.

Its lidar has completed the mass production of products and has complete intellectual property and certification, and has now landed in the United States, Europe and Japan. Its products can be widely used in unmanned vehicle (obstacle avoidance navigation), uav (agricultural plant protection area), robot (smart home), AGV (industrial storage and logistics), etc. Won the Audi Innovation Champion in 2016 and entered the Bosch Accelerator in 2017.


Tianjin Aeronitor Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Aeronitor Science & Technology Co., Ud is a state-owned company, which is jointly financed estab­lished byTUS Science and Technology Service Co.,Ltd and PICC. Relying on the excellent R& D team ofTsin­ghua University and Tus-Holdings Co.,Ltd , the company is committed to becoming the world’s top unmanned aerial vehicle products and turnkey solution suppliers.
Our R & D team has been in UA V industry far more than 1 O years, has invested about 300 million RMB in R & D, and has applied far more than 400 patented technologies. lt is one of the few teams that master the key tech­nology of UA V whole industry chain and have R & D capability of chip level on “smart UA V”.
The company continues to explore the integration of UAV and new technology innovation. Our team show drone formation performance many times on China Centrai Television Spring Festival Gala, Hunan TV and other famous performance.
We have profound experience on drone intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatic cruise, automatic fly in com­plex environment, and at the same time, we have profound practical experience on drone application scene and police security inspection and tracking.

Tsinghua Happiness Technology Lab

The World’s first innovative incubation platform dedicated in transforming academic achievements of positive psychology.

Tsinghua Happiness Technology Lab, also known as Tsinghua H+Lab, was co-founded in 2016 by TusHoldings Co., Ltd. and Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University.

Tsinghua H+Lab makes a combination of positive psychology achievements and biotechnology, genetic technology, big data and other various cutting-edge technology outputs to establish a compound platform of sci-tech innovation. Meanwhile, H+Lab also collects and promotes the most advanced products regarding health and happiness technology, thereby raising people’s sense of happiness.

Based on the teaching and research of Psychology Department of Tsinghua University and TusHoldings’ advantage in incubating and investing high-tech companies, H+Lab is trying to realize the incubation and investment of findings from Psychology Department of Tsinghua University and its interdisciplines as well as interaction fields.



Greenrail is an ltalian company, internationally recognised as an innovative player of the railway sector, and as an example of a sustainable industriai development in accordance with circular economy’ s principles. lt was created as a result of its founder Giovanni Maria De Lisi’ s experience in the railway sector, and his idea to develop an innovative and sustainable railway sleeper, offering better technical, environmental and economical features, compared to the present standard sleepers in the sector. The technology developed by Greenrail allows the production of railway sleepers with secondary raw materials, using a blend of rubber collected from EL Ts (End of Life Tyres) and plastic from urban waste.
The intellectual property of Greenrail is protected on a worldwide scale in 80 patent offices in the world. More­over, Greenrail is a tailor-made product and can be designed and produced according to various international specifications and clients’ particular needs.


Springa srl

Springa was founded in 2016 by Lorenzo Frangi, Alessandro Trifoni and Davide Cevoli, with the shareholding of PoliHub. Until today the company has reached a strategie partnership with e-Novia, a company specialized in electronics and automation, and a seed investment by Comeeta to support the development and reach the market. Springa is also registered as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano and incubate in PoliHub, lnnovation District & Startup Accelerator.
Since then they have been awarded in many contests regarding both the design and the business idea, then in February 2016, they founded their company Springa SRL. Awarded during the ltalian lnnovation Day 2016, the project reached also international recognition during the Maker Faire Bay Area 2017, in San Mateo (California). During the 2017 Kickstarter campaign, Springa raised more than US$ 1 million, reaching the 200% of the goal in one day.